Fantasy Draft Review


Fantasy Draft is one of the many websites where you can play daily fantasy sports, but you will not be able to find too many that do it better. You may not see endless commercials for Fantasy Draft on television, but it has quickly become our #2 daily fantasy sports website. It earned this high ranking by creating an easy to use website with a large player base. Nobody wants to struggle with clunky website design or have their contests cancelled for a lack of participants, but that will never happen on Fantasy Draft.

The growing player base allowed Fantasy Draft to have one of the biggest total prize pools for 2014 and 2015. While the site is solid, management is not getting complacent. The heads of Fantasy Draft are planning on increasing their marketing techniques to become the third largest daily fantasy site this year.

While we consider Fantasy Draft to be the second best option for daily fantasy sports, there are still several things they could do better. They currently do not have a mobile application or any community chat features. Both of these would go a long way to improving the experience of each player on the site. While the fan base and website are both positives for the site, they could both could be enhance to further improve the experience.

Playing on Fantasy Draft

Signing up for Fantasy Draft and making your first deposit only takes a few minutes. Deposits can be made using any major credit card or with a PayPal account. The funds will be immediately placed in your account once the deposit is finished , so you can start entering great contests.

If you use our Fantasy Draft promo code when signing up you will get a 100% deposit bonus up to $600. This free money will be earned as you play. For every dollar you play in a Fantasy Draft contest, you will earn four cents of your deposit bonus. This free money is placed directly in your account, and it will continue until you reach your deposit bonus limit.

All of the contests can be easily found in the contest lobby. Every contest will be listed when you first sign in, but you will be able to use the filters to find the perfect contest for your needs. These filters allow you to find contests based on sport, contest type, entry fee and contest size. Once you find one that you would like to play, you just hit the enter button.

After entering a Fantasy Draft contest, you will be allowed to draft your daily fantasy roster. Each player has a set salary that is unique to the Fantasy Draft website. The full list of every player available to use for each contest will be listed in descending order based on their salary. With the push of a button, you will be able to draft anyone you want to your roster. Once you have drafted an entire roster under the salary cap, then you just submit your lineup and wait for the games to start.

Withdrawal all of your winnings is extremely painless on Fantasy Draft. You can get a check in the mail or have your money placed into your PayPal account. Check withdraws take approximately seven to ten business days. Withdrawing with PayPal should be processed within two days. You can withdraw at any time, but Fantasy Draft requires a minimum withdraw of at least $20.

Fantasy Draft Website Experience

The Fantasy Draft website has a rather plain design, but that actually helps make it easier to use. There are no flashy designs, borders or backgrounds that you will find on other daily fantasy sports sites. The white, black, gray and blue color design of Fantasy Draft still makes it look great without going over-the-top on the design.

The plain design of Fantasy Draft may make it the easiest daily fantasy sports website to use, especially for new players. You will never have to search more than a few seconds to find anything you are looking for. Functionality is the most important factor in a website, and that is exactly what Fantasy Draft succeeds at creating.

While Fantasy draft may not have a mobile application yet, it is still very easy to navigate the website on a smartphone. The mobile optimized website provides the same great experience you will find on a computer while using the smaller screen of your smartphone.

The final thing that makes Fantasy Draft our second best daily fantasy site is their customer support. The website has videos, articles and FAQs to answer any of your questions. If you still have a problem, question or concern, then you can send a message directly to the Fantasy Draft staff through a support ticket. Fantasy Draft prides themselves on great customer service, so you should get a respond extremely fast.