FanDuel Future

If you have ever played fantasy sports before, you should be all too familiar with this situation: You've been preparing for draft day for weeks. You are ready to use all of the knowledge that you have gained through extensive studying and research to draft the team that is going to win it all in your league. You go in ready to implement your draft day plan that involves waiting for your favorite sleepers to fall to you and targeting who you think will be at the top of their positions this year. Then the draft begins and some guy that has no idea what they are doing takes your player. A few rounds later, your top two sleepers are picks 4 rounds before they should have went and just like that, your entire plan is ruined.

Even if you get through draft day without any major problems, there is always the risk of your 1st round draft pick getting hurt the first week of the season. It is something that is totally out of your control but due to some major bad luck, your entire season goes down the drain in an instant.

Thanks to FanDuel, that is no longer the case. FanDuel allows you to draft an entirely new team every single week. The means you won't have your season wasted because of a bad draft or a few injuries. Instead, you can start fresh with an entirely new lineup going into each week. If you don't already have an account, you need to signup and make your first deposit rigth away. All the information you need is available at

To play, you will first be asked to join a league. League sizes range from 2 person showdowns and go up to huge tournaments that have thousands of participants. Once you join the league, you will be able to build your team. You will be able to choose any player that is playing that week to put into your lineup. Each player will have a price that will be based on their expected performance for that week. Form your team using any combination of players that you want as long as they fit the positional requirements for your lineup and the total salary of your team falls at or under the league cap.

Once your team is built, enter it into the league and see how it does against your opponents. If you don't win this week, you will be able to do the same thing over again with a fresh set of players. That's what people love most about FanDuel. You aren't tied down to any particular players after their game is finished.

If you are a savvy fantasy footballer, you can earn a lot by taking advantage of good matchups each week. While the average player may simply choose which ever players they know of, you will be able to study the matchups and give yourself the edge over your opponent by seeking out and adding the best values week in and week out.

FanDuel has changed the way people play fantasy football. It has been growing rapidly over the past several years and many say it will soon take over traditional fantasy leagues as more and more people become familiar with the format.

Daily fantasy sports have become so popular that it has created a flurry of knock offs that have popped up recently. While they all have their advantages and unique formats, FanDuel is the one site that has been around since the beginning. If you are thinking about trying daily fantasy football this season, FanDuel is the best place to start.