Is Armed And Re-loaded For The 2014-2015 Season

We would like to thank all of our fellow auction fantasy football enthusiasts for a successful 2014-2015 campaign. We began this site last year because we believed there was not enough exposure to auction fantasy football. Using our experience of over 10 years using the auction process we developed a unique approach to that allows fantasy football users to project auction values customized to their league scoring system. Using your suggestions, we improved the process to be the most effective auction draft tool on the web today. Our site is devoted to fantasy football users who select players using the auction method. We encourage your feedback and look forward to another exciting year.

What Are We About?

This website is dedicated to fantasy football fans that favor an auction-style player selection process instead of a typical draft. was created by four dedicated fantasy football fans with over 36 years of combined experience as a resource for anyone interested in learning about the virtues of a fantasy football auction. In our Fantasy Football Library you'll find a number of insightful articles and research materials covering everything you need to know about auction fantasy football – from the basic principals of why an auction is better than a draft, to advanced strategies for crushing your opponents on auction day. In addition, contains a revolutionary tool, designed by auction experts to assist you with planning for, and managing, your fantasy football auction. This is a MUST HAVE, whether you are a commissioner or a team owner.

To Auction or Draft? That is the Question

If words like "boring," "predictable," "slow," "mindless," and "frustrating" describe your experience with fantasy drafts, then you are ready to embrace the auction-style format. If you have already come around to the auction way of thinking, then you know how life-changing the auction format can be. Unlike a draft, an auction gives every participant a chance to select any player they want - rewarding intelligence and skill, rather than dumb luck. In addition, an auction can take less time than a draft and provides far more participation and excitement. is going to tell you everything you need to know about auctions – why they are better than drafts, how to run your own and how to gain an advantage over others.

Before continuing this discussion about auctions, let's reflect on a common drawback of fantasy football drafts. Almost everyone who has participated in a fantasy football draft can sympathize with the following hypothetical story...

"Some guys have all the luck"

Frugal Fred ("FF") dreads his annual fantasy draft because he knows how it will turn out before the first round begins. FF spent all summer researching players and thinking about how great it would be to have last year's rushing leader and league MVP (who by the way is in his prime, plays behind the best O-line in the league, and happens to be on FF's favorite NFL team) as the cornerstone of his franchise. Alas, FF knows the odds of that happening are slim, as he has less than a 10% chance of drawing the #1 pick from the infamous baseball cap that is annually passed around prior to the start of his league's 12 team draft. FF has been in the same league for 5 years, but has never drawn better than 6th. At this point, he doesn't even care about who the best NFL players are, because he'll probably never have them on his roster...if only there was a way to give everyone an opportunity to select the players they really want...

Thinking back to past seasons, wouldn't it have been great to have a player like Emmitt Smith (in his prime) on your team? Or how about Marshall Faulk, when he was a lock to tear up the league, or Barry Sanders? Perhaps you always dreamed about fielding a squad with the lethal combination of Marino and Duper, or Montana and Rice? Maybe you were lucky enough to have these hall of fame studs on your fantasy teams, but most of us never had a chance because we weren't lucky enough. There is something inherently wrong with selecting players this way. Instead of rewarding intelligence, skill and preparation, drafts reward the lucky. Fantasy football auctions don't reward luck. They aren't predictable. They don't drag on for hours. Auctions are fast-paced, high energy, exciting and invite participation by the entire league. Auctions reward owners who are more prepared than others, do their homework and manage their salary cap. Auctions also let you select the players you want, so if you want Manning and Harrison this year you can probably get them (however, you won't be left with much more than a bunch of stiffs on your roster). Now let's check in with Frugal Fred to see what happened when his league switched to an auction.

"What a difference a year makes"

FF just left his first fantasy football auction and could not be happier. The auction was a huge success – everyone got caught up in the excitement of bidding on players and the auction didn't take as long as last year's draft! More importantly, not only did FF get the #1 ranked RB he wanted, thanks to's Auction Draft Wizard FF was able to acquire two top 5 WR's, a top 15 RB and a host of other players that were "steals" at the end of the auction. Comparing his roster to his squad from the previous year, FF realized that his auction team is significantly better!!! FF knows that his preparation and use our process was the reason for his success – while other less prepared owners were over-bidding on players, FF remained calm and followed the advice of the experts. FF knows there are going to be some really bad teams this year because of lack of preparation – fortunately his won't be one of them.

Frugal Fred's experience is based on the voluminous amount of true stories shared by those who switched over to auction style fantasy football leagues. The folks at strongly recommend that you at least try the auction style for one season...we know you won't be disappointed.

What is our Process?

We help you determine auction values for individual players based on your league's scoring format and will help you manage your fantasy football auction, either as commissioner or team owner, by providing you with tools to track team's cap dollars and player availability all from the comfort of your computer screen.

Moreover, even if you can find a publication that assigns player auction values, they are not entirely accurate unless you have the same league/scoring format. Finally, valuations provided by publications quickly become stale due to player injury, training camp battles and other unforeseen developments. The folks at decided that something needed to be done about the amount of information available regarding auction fantasy football. As a result of creative thought and technological genius, developed thi site.

If you are going to adopt the auction format for your fantasy league, you need the While there are an infinite number of publications, programs and other resources for fantasy drafts, there is nothing even close to what we can provide.

When we start our research, the first step is looking at the 2016 NFL Strength of Schedule. It's a critical piece to the puzzle that is often overlooked.